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Extending the BIDS specification

The BIDS specification can be extended in a backwards compatible way and will evolve over time. These are accomplished with BIDS Extension Proposals (BEPs), which are community-driven processes.

Do you want to learn more about extending BIDS to a new modality or set of data types? Read the Guide and follow the Submission Process.

You can also contribute to ongoing BIDS Extension Proposals. Below is a table of currently-active BEPs. The “Extension label” column provides a direct link to the documentation.

Please find our latest BEP update presented in the Open Science Room at OHBM.

Note that all of the extension ideas that are not backwards compatible and thus will have to wait for BIDS 2.0 are listed on the Issues page of the bids-2-devel GitHub repository.

Extension Title Content Lead(s) Last update

Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI)

  • raw

Looking for a new leader.


Structural preprocessing derivatives

  • derivative

  • Viviana Siless

Opened pull request.


  • surfaces,
  • scalar maps on surfaces
  • morphometrics.

Need to conform with final Common Derivatives and gather community feedback.


Functional preprocessing derivatives

  • derivative

  • Chris Markiewicz

Opened the pull request.


  • Derivative images (mean, ALFF, ReHo, etc.),
  • Time series (confounds, decompositions, etc.)


Affine transformations and nonlinear field warps

  • derivative

  • Oscar Esteban


Diffusion weighted imaging derivatives

  • derivative

  • Franco Pestilli

  • Oscar Esteban

  • Being discussed here.
  • Coordinating with BEP017.
  • Diffusion-weighted model description merged, but must comply to this.
  • Upcoming integration across DWI, Tractography, Tractometry, and Connectivity (from fMRI and DWI)


Generic BIDS connectivity data schema

  • derivative

  • Eugene Duff

  • Current state.
  • Intended as a meeting point for minimal harmonisation of connectivity-based formats across modalities.
  • Seeking use cases spanning modalities and input defining connectivity based formats


Eye Tracking including Gaze Position and Pupil Size

  • raw

  • Dejan Draschkow

  • BEP close to PR submission, examples and validator under development.
  • Seeking additional BEP lead to help incorporate into standard contact dejan to get involved.


Common Electrophysiological Derivatives

  • derivative

  • Arnaud Delorme

  • Dora Hermes

  • Mainak Jas

  • Guiomar Niso

  • Robert Oostenveld

  • Cyril Pernet

  • Discussion here UCSD to include head models with BIDS EEG data.
  • Developments of BIDS M/EEG pipelines will trigger discussion on storing derived data.


Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)

  • raw

  • Mark Mikkelsen

  • William Clarke

  • Martin Wilson

  • Group discussions here and here.
  • Developed NifTI standard for MRS data - presented abstract at ISMRM; manuscript in preparation.


PET Preprocessing derivatives

  • derivative

  • Martin Noergaard

  • Graham Searle

  • Melanie Ganz

  • Work in progress following BEP009 incorporation into spec.
  • Coord. kickoff scheduled Sept. 2021 to capture various experimental designs and needs for preprocessing and pharmacokinetic modeling.
  • Focused on staying aligned with derivatives for MRI (structural, functional, ASL, diffusion)


Computed Tomography scan (CT)

  • raw

  • Hugo Boniface

Lead seeking more contributors and experts.


Microelectrode Recordings

  • raw

BEP is open to new leadership, see also BEP032 (animal electrophys)



  • metadata

  • Satra Ghosh

  • Camille Maumet

  • BEP aims to provide a description of data manipulation and transformations steps related to a BIDS data element via BIDS structured sidecar JSON-LD files.
  • Can be used to describe provenance at different levels of granularity.
  • Discussions held in this repository.
  • A set of examples and user stories are being refined.


Animal electrophysiology

  • raw

  • Sylvain Takerkart

  • Julia Sprenger

  • New BEP, collecting comments and community feedback which may be submitted here, directly to Sylvain & Julia, or here during the ~monthly meeting.
  • Example datasets here.
  • Supporting early stage interaction with: ProbeInterface & SpikeInterface, AnDO, interoperability with NWB and NIX data/metadata formats.


Advanced Diffusion Weighted Imaging (aDWI)

  • raw

  • James Gholam

  • Leandro Beltrachini

  • Filip Szczepankiewicz

  • New BEP, seeking contributors and collecting community feedback relating to: priority sequences to support, best supported binary structured formats (e.g. CBOR? HDF5? MsgPack?).
  • Comments may be submitted directly on the document.
  • Generating example datasets here and determining best practice w/ vendors to record data in-sequence


Computational modeling

  • derivative

  • metadata

  • Michael Schirner

  • Petra Ritter

BEP Computational Models: PR open for review and discussion here


Modular extensions for individual participant data mega-analyses with non-compliant derivatives

  • derivative

  • Giuseppe Gallitto

  • Balint Kincses

  • Tamas Spisak

  • BEP revised: now collecting further comments and community feedback.
  • Collaborators with mega-analysis experience or with actual example use-cases (planned/ongoing/finished mega analyses) welcome!


Phenotypic Data Guidelines

  • raw

  • BEP drafted.
  • Poster presentation at OHBM 2022.
  • Now collecting community comments and feedback.
  • All collaborators are welcome.


Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS)

  • raw

New BEP, collecting community comments and feedback. All collaborators are welcome.



  • raw

New BEP, collecting community comments and feedback. All collaborators are welcome.


Dimensionality reduction-based networks

  • raw

New BEP, collecting community comments and feedback. All collaborators are welcome.


Functional Ultrasound (fUS)

  • raw

New BEP, collecting community comments and feedback. All collaborators are welcome.


Statistical Model Derivatives

  • derivative

New BEP, collecting community comments and feedback. All collaborators are welcome.


Electromyography (EMG)

  • raw

New BEP, collecting community comments and feedback. All collaborators are welcome.


BIDS Term Mapping

  • metadata

For being able to map non-BIDS data as BIDS-compatible. Now collecting community comments and feedback. All collaborators are welcome.

Completed BEPs

When an extension reaches maturity it is merged into the main body of the specification. Below is a table of BEPs that have been merged.

The references of the final publication for those BEPS can be found in the BIDS specification.

    title completed BEP timeline
    dateFormat YYYY-MM
    tickInterval 6month
    axisFormat %b-%Y
    section BEP001
            Google doc    :2017-02, 2020-06
            Pull request  :2020-06, 2021-02
    section BEP002
            Google doc    :2016-09, 2018-10
            Pull request  :2018-10, 2023-08
    section BEP003
            Google doc    :2016-02, 2018-12
            Pull request  :2018-12, 2020-06
    section BEP005
            Google doc    :2017-05, 2020-10
            Pull request  :2020-10, 2021-02
    section BEP006
            Google doc    :2017-06, 2018-12
            Pull request  :2018-12, 2019-03
    section BEP007
            Google doc    :2017-07, 2018-04
    section BEP008
            Google doc    :2016-03, 2018-04
    section BEP009
            Google doc    :2016-03, 2020-10
            Pull request  :2020-10, 2021-04
    section BEP010
            Google doc    :2017-04, 2018-12
            Pull request  :2018-12, 2019-03
    section BEP018
            Google doc    :2017-09, 2019-07
            Pull request  :2019-07, 2020-04
    section BEP027
            Google doc    :2019-05, 2023-09
            Pull request  :2023-09, 2023-12
    section BEP029
            Google doc    :2019-11, 2022-01
            Pull request  :2022-01, 2023-03
    section BEP030
            Google doc    :2020-04, 2021-05
            Pull request  :2021-05, 2022-10
    section BEP031
            Google doc    :2020-06, 2021-09
            Pull request  :2021-09, 2022-02

Extension Title Content Lead(s)

Quantitative MRI (qMRI)

  • raw

  • Gilles de Hollander

  • Kirstie Whitaker


BIDS Models Specification

  • file format

  • Tal Yarkoni

  • Chris Markiewcz


Common Derivatives

  • derivative

  • Chris Markiewicz


Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL)

  • raw

  • Henk-Jan Mutsaerts

  • Patricia Clement

  • Jan Petr

  • Marco Castellaro


Electroencephalography (EEG)

  • raw

  • Cyril Pernet

  • Stefan Appelhoff

  • Robert Oostenveld


Hierarchical Event Descriptor (HED) Tags

  • raw

  • Chris Gorgolewski


Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

  • raw

  • Guiomar Niso


Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

  • raw

  • Melanie Ganz


intracranial Electroencephalography (iEEG)

  • raw

  • Chris Holdgraf

  • Dora Hermes


Genetic information

  • raw

  • Cyril R Pernet

  • Clara Moreau

  • Thomas Nichols


BIDS Applications 2.0

  • metadata

  • Chris Markiewicz

  • Greg Kiar


Virtual and physical motion data

  • raw

  • Sein Jeung

  • Julius Welzel


Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)

  • raw

  • Robert Luke

  • Luca Pollonini



  • raw

  • Marie-Hélène Bourget

  • Julien Cohen-Adad

Some proposals that set out to extend the BIDS specification have instead lead to other outcomes such as:

See the table below:

Extension Title Content Lead(s) Outcome

Resting state fMRI derivatives

  • raw

  • Steven Giavasis

Merged into BEP012


Mapping file

  • raw

  • Eric Earl

  • Camille Maumet

  • Vasudev Raguram

Became the File mapper.


DICOM Metadata

  • metadata

  • Satrajit Ghosh

Closed in favor of possible direct support of DICOM within BIDS (see this issue and this pull request).


Medical Imaging Data structure (MIDS)

  • raw

  • Jose Manuel

  • Saborit Torres

  • Maria de la Iglesia Vayá

Dropped from consideration; smaller parts are potentially to be included into BIDS outside of the BEP