Steering Group executive summary, action items, and minutes

Date: Thursday February 13, 2020

Attended: Franklin Feingold, Melanie Ganz, Guiomar Niso, Robert Oostenveld, Kirstie Whitaker

Executive Summary

We discussed the channels through which to share updates to the BIDS specification. A GitHub issue was opened to start crowdsourcing and collecting this information. We will be using the resulting list of communication channels to share the release of v1.2.2 and to request the final rounds of feedback on the Genetic information extension (BEP018).

We discussed generating an example slide deck that community members can use (or pick from) when they want to present BIDS.

We discussed considerations for when to open a repository under the BIDS standard organization on GitHub. Previously, community members have opened repositories under the BIDS GitHub organization named bids-standard. We want to codify guidelines to govern this. The plan is that there should be multiple people committed to the repository (otherwise it is better under the personal GitHub account), the maintainers should be clearly identifiable (e.g., as a CODEOWNERS file at the top level), there should be a code of conduct in the repository that is consistent with that of the BIDS specification, and (as a consequence of the code of conduct) the repository should welcome contributions from others.

We want to host another Community Forum (but not too frequent) and potentially a starter kit/demo in the Open Science Room at OHBM.

Regarding discussions on where to host our historical specification pdfs (please refer to issue #407), we consider Zenodo to be a suitable location to store our specification pdfs.

Action Items

Action Item
Codify rules for making a repo under BIDS standard
Share meeting executive summary, minutes, and action items on website
KW item: getting time in OSR for BIDS community forum and starter kit
Compile list of channels to share BIDS related information on
Send v1.2.2 release and genetic information call to distribution list