Steering Group executive summary, action items, and minutes

Date: Monday March 23, 2020

Executive Summary

We discussed how to move forward with implementing the author lists on Zenodo from our pdf specification. We want to provide guidance on how we landed on our decision: a single author “BIDS Contributing Group”. This will be opened as a proposal with a request for comments (RFC) on the BIDS-Specification repository. This is important to deploy with the community’s approval. This may give way for a stronger contributor tracking system.

We clarified the format and points for the monthly Maintainers update. This should be less than 1 page and keep a high level view of BIDS. The executive summary must include: achievements, struggles, next month aims, blockers or steering group help. The update may also link to issues with a 1 sentence narrative. Keeping in mind the purpose of the update from the Steering Group’s perspective: knowing the hard parts or blockers and capture the work needed to maintain BIDS.

We invited the ASL BEP leads to the next Steering Group meeting.

Action Items

Action item
Documenting BIDS website user stories
KW: Drafting RFC Zenodo authorship decision process
BIDS-Maintainers March update
MG: Respond to NIDM team
Initialize google slides to start iterating on our BIDS community slides
Email ASL BEP leads to invite to Steering Group meeting