BIDS v1.3.0 release and next focus

The Brain Imaging Data Structure BIDS community is pleased to announce version 1.3.0 of the BIDS standard!

This release includes the addition of genetic descriptors for linking BIDS datasets to genetic datasets. We would like to thank contributors to the Genetic Information BIDS Extension Proposal, led by Cyril Pernet, Clara Moreau with contributions from Tom Nichols and Jessica Turner. We’d also like to thank Arshitha Basavaraj and Tom Nichols for rendering the specification as a PDF.

Our next priority will be finalizing the specification of BIDS-Derivatives. Please feel free to review the draft and comment.

UPDATE 2021-06-14: The draft is no longer accessible. You can instead look at the stable version

The specification of spatial references, in particular composite surface/volume spaces, remains an open question with room for expert review.