Steering Group executive summary, action items, and minutes

Date: Thursday April 16, 2020

Executive Summary

We were joined in this meeting by the BIDS-ASL BEP leads. We spent the majority of this meeting discussing the BIDS-ASL BEP development approach and status along with any open questions they may have. We see a natural integration between the ASL and PET BEP projects. While talking to the ASL team we found that our definition of raw needs to be refined and made more specific. We want to ensure that fields previously specified remain consistent, when possible. Once the raw ASL specification is merged the group will move forward with derivatives.

Action Items

Action item
Invite Maintainers to next Steering Group meeting
Apply for Google season of docs
Clarifying how BIDS defines “raw”


This meeting was primarily focused on meeting with the BIDS-ASL BEP leads to discuss their BEP and getting it over the finish line