Steering Group executive summary, action items, and minutes

Date: Thursday May 7, 2020

Executive Summary

We held a joint Steering Group - Maintainers Group meeting to primarily present and discuss recent Maintenance activities. It is crucial to provide opportunities for these two groups to come closer together.

We began by discussing a proposal for how to handle Zenodo author lists. It is important to recognize diverse contributions. The proposal will be calling for two different groups: authors and contributors. An author could be one who pushes substantial contributions or those that regularly answer questions. The key is for these to be sustained expertise contributions. The author order will be alphabetical and an author cannot be removed from the list. We will also support an author section in the specification appendix that can specifically identify their contributions to the project. This can include contributors too. The author section may include the potential for a paragraph (max) narrative of contributions. This will be enhancing our current emoji representation of contributions. This will give the community more opportunity to capture their specific contributions to BIDS.

We accepted three new BEPs: Provenance, Virtual and physical motion data, and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. These have been added to the website. We primarily evaluated the scope and if this is a duplicated effort. It is important for BEPs to signal community engagement and buy-in for their extension proposal from the respective modality community.

We will be enhancing our definition of a Maintainer to include a domain they are responsible for maintaining. This will enable more pathways into the Maintainers Group while promoting more diverse contributions. It will additionally build in more resilience and sustainability into our community. This will further clarify the Maintainers role and give more specific responsibilities to a Maintainer. These domains will be proposed and accepted within the Maintainers Group.

Action Items

Action item
Open the enhanced Maintainers definition
Draft Zenodo author list proposal
Add new BEPs to website


This was a joint meeting between the Steering Group and Maintainers Group to go over recent BIDS Maintenance activities and bring these two groups closer together.