BIDS Derivatives final request for comments

The BIDS community is preparing to merge the Common Derivatives extension. The updated draft is available for review at X, and comments and suggestions may be submitted on GitHub at

UPDATE 2021-06-14: The draft is no longer accessible. You can instead look at the stable version

The scope of this extension is establishing a set of common principles for organizing derivative datasets, dataset-level metadata, and naming conventions for minimally preprocessed files. Additionally, some common imaging derivatives (e.g., brain masks) have been specified. More detailed modality-specific derivatives are scheduled for inclusion in the next few months.

The final review process entails a minimum of one week for public comment, with a possibility of extension for unresolved discussion. Once public comments are concluded, there will be a one week freeze, during which only critical issues will be considered. (For more details on the release protocol, see .)

We look forward to hearing your feedback! Franklin