Catch BIDS related posters at OHBM and talks in the Open Science Room at OHBM2020!

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Posters at OHBM

Category: Modeling and Analysis Methods

Poster 1340: Confounder: A BIDS app for assessing the influence of experimental confounds in task-based GLM model presented by Suzanne Witt

Category: Neuroinformatics and Data Sharing

Poster 1895: BIDS Derivatives - Standardization of Processing Results in Brain Imaging presented presented by Chris Markiewicz

Poster 1907: A standard for the organization of quantitative MRI data: BIDS extension proposal 001 presented by Gilles de Hollander

Poster 1918: Framework for performing multi-subject analysis in electrophysiology within the BIDS format presented by Aude Jegou

Poster 1936: R-BIDS, a DICOM conversion and BIDS data structuring workflow developed in R presented by Niklas Wulms

Poster 1940: MNE-BIDS: Standardizing archiving and analysis of electrophysiology data with MNE presented by Alexandre Gramfort

Poster 1941: A system for automatic BIDS conversion from the Siemens console in Flywheel presented by Timothy Verstynen

Poster 1956: Physiopy/phys2bids: BIDS formatting of physiological recordings presented by Stefano Moia

Poster 1966: EzBIDS: The open cloud service for automated, validated DICOM to BIDS conversion presented by Daniel Levitas

Poster 1984: OmniiBIDS: Automatic Conversion of Structured NIfTI Datasets to BIDS presented by Alexandre Hutton

Talks in the Open Science Room

Tuesday, June 23

Open Data 2.0 Lighting talk section

Concept Annotations via NIDM-Terms Fosters Improved Search of OpenNeuro Datasets presented by David Keator

The Courtois project on neuronal modeling - first data release presented by Julie A. Boyle

BIDS: a data standard to support the neuroimaging community presented by Guiomar Niso

Open Data 2.0 demo section

Open Data 2.0 (Software/process demo): Bidsme: flexible bidsifier for multimodal datasets presented by Nikita Beliy

Wednesday, June 24

Open Workflows Keynote

Transparent MRI workflows: From scanner to publication presented by Agah Karakuzu

Open Workflows Demo section

Macapype: An open multi-software framework for non-human primate anatomical MRI processing presented by David Meunier

Friday, June 26

Open Emergent section

BIDS Townhall Meeting organized by the BIDS Steering Group and Maintainers Group and moderated by Chris Markiewicz

Monday, June 29

Open Emergent section

qMRI-BIDS: an extension to the brain imaging data structure for structural acquisitions that include multiple contrast presented by Gilles de Hollander

Thursday, July 2

Open Emergent section

The Positron Emission Tomography Brain imaging Data structure (PET-BIDS) extension: A new standard for sharing PET data presented by Melanie Ganz

To be scheduled

Open Workflows demos

BrainSuite BIDS-App: Reproducible structural image processing pipelines with group level statistical analysis presented by Yeun Kim

Automatic analysis: open, efficient, and versatile neuroimaging workflows in MATLAB presented by Tibor Auer

Open Workflows lighting talk

AD-DL framework: A reproducible evaluation of convolutional neural networks for classification of Alzheimer’s disease made easier with Clinica presented by Alexandre Routier