Steering Group executive summary, action items, and minutes

Date: Thursday July 30, 2020

Executive Summary

We held a joint meeting between the Steering Group and Maintainers Group. We finished our discussion on how we can support and collaborate with external organizations. We approved BEP031: Histology. This BEP will be different from our currently supported modalities. We will need to think through how this will be ultimately validated. It will also be beneficial to think about natural merge points with other BEPs. This can be generalized to our BEP development efforts. We revisited the key-entity proposal and discussed approaches for disseminating. We wrapped up the meeting by discussing what it means to contribute and collaborate to BIDS. This can be used to inform how we can effectively work with other initiatives.

Action items

Action items
Add BEP031 to the website


Joint meeting between the Steering Group and Maintainers Group