Steering Group minutes 2021/05/20

Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021

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Meeting guest: BEP30: NIRS leads Extension proposal:

INCF: BIDS training slot at INCF training event

  • Reserved a 60 minute slot for a live panel

  • Topics: BIDS-Apps, Derivatives, and highlighting the work Maintainers do


  • Scheduling leads to meet with Maintainers Group

  • Invited Oscar and Franco to that meeting

Extension proposal:

BIDS Steering Group elections in the Fall

  • Promote during OHBM

  • 1 member to be rotated out?

GN items

  • GN and RO taking pass at website enhancement

  • BIDS adoption/usage survey

  • BIDS-Protocol bep efforts?

BIDS usage survey 2019:

BIDS plans for OHBM

  • Open Science Room: only Town Hall

    • Panel canceled

  • Will support our own Zoom webinar

  • Special scheduling permission

    • Hold it on the first day (Monday)?
Incorporated initial pass of nudging BEP leads to work more transparently during the BEP paper writing process

Guest scheduling:

June 10 - Joint Steering-Maintainers group meeting (prep for OHBM)

July 20 - aDWI (BEP33) leads joining BIDS Maintainers Group meeting (Franco Pestilli planning to join: BEP16-DWI derivatives lead)

July 22 - MIDS (BEP25) BEP leads joining

August 12 - Dave Keator returning to share an update on NIDM-terms

aDWI - BEP33:


NIDM-terms update:

Executive summary

Action items