Steering Group minutes 2021/06/10

Date: Thursday, June 10, 2021

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Joint meeting with BIDS Maintainers

BIDS Steering Group elections in the Fall

  • Promote during OHBM

  • 1 member to be rotated out?

  • Switch chair????

From the governing structure:

Initially, Steering Group members will be elected for staggered terms of 2/3/4 years, to allow continuity and overlap across years. This will ensure institutional knowledge is preserved within the BIDS Steering Group. In the initial BIDS Steering Group, there will be at least one non-MRI modality represented. ->

One person drops after 1 year, 2 more after 2 and 2 more after 4.

BIDS plans for OHBM

  • Open Science Room: only Town Hall

    • Panel canceled

  • Will support our own Zoom webinar

  • Town Hall process

  • Town Hall will be on Monday June 21 at 10pm CEST/ 4pm ET/ 1pm PT

More OHBM prep?

  • Prepare survey material for querying community

  • Also advertise maintainer roles, especially the more administrative role?

GN items

  • GN and RO taking pass at website enhancement

  • BIDS adoption/usage survey

  • BIDS-Protocol bep efforts?

BIDS usage survey 2019:

BEP guidelines

  • Advise against graduate students or master’s students to lead BEP efforts

    • Part of requirement to graduate from program

BIDS Stat Model publishing plan?

Guest scheduling:

June 10 - Joint Steering-Maintainers group meeting (prep for OHBM)

July 20 - aDWI (BEP33) leads joining BIDS Maintainers Group meeting (Franco Pestilli planning to join: BEP16-DWI derivatives lead)

July 22 - MIDS (BEP25) BEP leads joining

August 3 - Microscopy (BEP31) leads joining BIDS Maintainers meeting

August 12 - Dave Keator returning to share an update on NIDM-terms

August 17 - NIRS (BEP30) leads joining BIDS Maintainers meeting

aDWI - BEP33:


Microscopy - BEP31:

NIDM-terms update: