Steering Group minutes 2021/09/02

Date: Thursday, September 2, 2021

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New BIDS maintainer - Anthony Galassi

BIDS Steering Group elections in the Fall

  • Switch chair?

  • Discuss process

Suggestion from previous meeting:

  • Have candidates make statement about what they add to steering group, including diversity (broadly construed)

  • PR from steering group to clarify candidate filtering process by existing steering group (KW)

KW will be rotated out - will be invited back to give advice on specific topics (e.g. community development)

From the governing structure:

Initially, Steering Group members will be elected for staggered terms of 2/3/4 years, to allow continuity and overlap across years. This will ensure institutional knowledge is preserved within the BIDS Steering Group. In the initial BIDS Steering Group, there will be at least one non-MRI modality represented. ->

One person drops after 1 year, 2 more after 2 and 2 more after 4.
Writing up BIDS usage survey into blog post

BEP guidelines - recommend against student leading BEP if it is a requirement for graduation

-> should maybe be added to governance?

-> +1 preparing a BEP is okay, requiring acceptance is not

Stat-model discussion

BEP updates:

MG: Update from SquishyMedia on the validator refactoring
MG: As modalities get more complicated - converters should be built to ease the forking and enhancing process

Guest scheduling:

October 14 - MIDS (BEP25) BEP leads joining