BIDS-Microscopy request for comments - closes on Friday, November 19

The BIDS community is preparing to merge the Microscopy extension and are opening up this extension proposal to community review.

The updated draft is available for review and comments and suggestions may be submitted on GitHub at: The community review will close on Friday, November 19 at 11:59pm PT (pacific time)

This BIDS extension proposal seeks to establish how microscopy data and associated metadata are organized within the BIDS structure. It covers more than 15 different types of microscopy modalities (bright-field microscopy, electron microscopy, confocal, …) and can be used to structure non-brain data. This BEP team has already integrated the sample entity, the sample.tsv file, and incorporated animal metadata into the participants.tsv.

The final review entails a two-week period for public commenting, with a possibility of extension for unresolved discussion. Once public comments are concluded, there will be a one-week freeze, during which only critical issues will be considered. (For more details on the release protocol, see