Steering Group minutes 2022/01/06

Date: Thursday, January 6, 2022

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Keep Kirstie in BIDS Steering Group slack?

  • Couldn't hurt in case we want her to weigh in on something.

BEP31: Microscopy update

  • community review completed

  • Final reviews

  • Wrapping up validator and examples

  • Estimated completion and incorporation: early next year

Map bep number to name

(continued) Consider modularizing the specification

  • Components: Raw, derivatives, modeling, and metadata

  • Each have their own common principles to help establish foundation to build upon

  • Ease incorporation process

Status: Building proposal

Let’s sort the BEPs here, both upcoming and old:

(continued) Writing up BIDS usage survey into blog post

Franco Pestilli’s BIDS-connectivity grant

  • MG: I’d be especially interested to hear if we are straining maintainers too much by trying to get 7 BEPs merged within two years

Proposed joint Steering Group - Maintainers Group meeting

  • March 10?

Performing biannual BEP updates in January 2022

  • Provide insights into the status and progress of our BEPs

Guest scheduling (meeting 15 minutes before scheduled meeting for Steering Group business):

  • January 27 - Franco Pestilli joining to discuss scope of BIDS-connectivity grant

  • February 17 - BEP34 (computational models) joining to discuss their BEP

Maintainers Group guests:

  • January 18 - BEP029: Virtual and physical motion BEP leads joining

  • March 1 - BEP020: Eye-tracking

BEP34 (comp models):

BEP029 (motion):

BEP020 (eye-tracking):