Farewell to Franklin

Franklin leaves the BIDS maintainers team to move on to new adventures.

Date: Thursday, July 28, 2022

In the past four and a half years, Franklin has dedicated lots of his energy towards making BIDS a thriving project. With his focus on the BIDS community, Franklin has played played a major role in several key developments. From helping to draft the BIDS governance in 2019 to leading and organizing the biweekly maintainers meetings and steering group meetings, up to easing transparent communication between other BIDS groups, such as the different BEP groups and the community at large (for example during the BIDS townhalls). Franklin also did lots of heavy lifting on the side of “processes within BIDS”, such as BEP submission and voting procedures, and this short news item can only scratch the surface of his many valuable contributions.

It’s hard to see him go, but we are grateful for all he did for BIDS and its community in the past years.

Thank you, Franklin – and all the best for your future adventures!