Steering Group minutes 2022/12/08

Date: Thursday, December 8th, 2022

Topic Relevant Links

Relates to deepmreye:

First version of a bids app for deepmreye this morning:

ACTION: add a redirect link in the google doc to point to the PR

Matrix channel:

  • BEP020 needs to point to the new location (GH pull request) and must mention the place where the community discussion is taking place (somewhere on matrix).

  • Ownership of BEPs should be transferred to BIDS maintainers

  • Can we get an automatic email or status update if a google doc is updated, i.e. make it externally visible that it is active (just like we aim for with tools)?

  • An aspect of time synchronization is present, bids-specification/issues/86 carries original discussion

Recognizing BIDS validated datasets

  • Unique badges?

  • Action: make list of places where these could be advertised

Community projects board

  • Under ‘get involved’ on homepage

Writing up BIDS usage survey into blog post

Add info from MRIQC:

June 2022: QC metrics from ~375K unique BOLD scans and ~280K T1 scans

Task definition:

  • Task addition for all other modalities besides fMRI

  • Clarification of tasks in appendix

Task addition PRs:

Anat: - merged

PET: - merged

Task clarification: - merged

BIDS derivatives meeting

  • organized by OpenNeuroPET project

  • how would May 2023 sound?

  • physical/hybrid?

BIDS maintainers: (added by Rémi)

  • One BIDS maintainers representative during steering group to help relay information.

Just an FYI

Update governance (added by Rémi):

Rémi and Eric met to talk about several things.

  • Ask “Does the Governance website and documentation state how it itself should be amended?”

  • Propose governance for an Advisory Group members’ (lead of merged BEP) commitment:

    • Cannot ask them to commit for life

    • maybe 2 year minimum plus designating a successor, or some such thing

  • Draft email for consent of completed BEP leads for them to be part of the Advisory group or to nominate someone(s) else

Guest: Martin Szinte, lead for BEP020: Eye tracking including gaze position and pupil size