Steering Group minutes 2023/01/19

Date: Thursday, January 19th, 2023

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Chris Rorden


Recognizing BIDS validated datasets

Unique badges?

Action: make list of places where these could be advertised

BIDS is not yet required in journals, we could reach out to journals for this.

OpenNeuro is typically where BIDS datasets are shared.

Action: add journal level policy for BIDS validation, start at aperture and then extend to others

Community projects board

  • Under ‘get involved’ on homepage

Deferred to next meeting due to unclear “Topic”

Writing up BIDS usage survey into blog post

(Franklin) —> Kim

Some of the analysis code:

Add info from MRIQC:

June 2022: QC metrics from ~375K unique BOLD scans and ~280K T1 scans

Task definition:

  • Task addition for all other modalities besides fMRI

  • Clarification of tasks in appendix

Task addition PRs:

Anat: - merged

PET: - merged

Task clarification: - merged

BIDS derivatives meeting

  • organized by OpenNeuroPET project

  • end of march PET BIDS derivatives

  • General BIDS derivatives - 3rd week of June in Copenhangen - invites to follow for all BEP leads + maintainers (‘we’ openneuro PET have some budget for this ; applying for more)

Yes or No (maybe just a question for Kim): Can we continue adding Steering Group meeting notes to the BIDS website?

Kim can start doing this again -

(Added by Eric) Sell BIDS merchandise on

  • Easy sign-up

  • Proceeds could to go to Wikimedia Foundation

  • Can I skip adding the “(c) 2019 BIDS Contributors” to the image?

Committee appears to be agreeable with all of this

Update governance (added by Rémi):

Rémi and Eric met to talk about several things.

  • Ask “Does the Governance website and documentation state how it itself should be amended?”

  • Propose governance for an Advisory Group members’ (lead of merged BEP) commitment:

    • Cannot ask them to commit for life

    • maybe 2 year minimum plus designating a successor, or some such thing

  • Draft email for consent of completed BEP leads for them to be part of the Advisory group or to nominate someone(s) else


Present: Robert Oostenveld, Guiomar Niso, Eric Earl (visiting maintainer), Yaroslav Halchenko, Kim Ray

Guest: invite Chris Rorden

NOTES from Chris Rorden:

BEPs are done by experts, but implementations are not done by experts

BEPs document examples, but are not clear enough in implementation details (to entry level users).
Shows unit testing for converting/translating metadata, requires test datasets and correct outputs

Terminology differs e.g. between Siemens and Philips

Suggests possibly reaching out to the tool experts/manufacturers to better implement BEPs from start to end.

We have a statement to align BIDS with current standards and vocabularies


We cannot assume dcm2nii will fix all of our data conversions.

Reach out to developers for more input on BEPs before they are approved

Provide empty header files for examples of data

Additional expectations for BEPS before they are approved

Consider/formalize a common principle to choose DICOM fields naming in favor of adding new names.

Ariels’s PR

Guio : Lets plan for BIDS Townhall in OpenScience Room - OHBM