Steering Group minutes 2023/02/09

Date: Thursday, February 9th, 2023

Topic Relevant Links

Community projects board

  • Under ‘get involved’ on homepage

Task definition:

  • Task addition for all other modalities besides fMRI

  • Clarification of tasks in appendix

Task addition PRs:

Anat - merged

PET - merged

Task clarification - merged

BIDS derivatives meeting

  • organized by OpenNeuroPET project

  • end of march PET BIDS derivatives

  • General BIDS derivatives - 3rd week of June in Copenhagen - invites to follow for all BEP leads + maintainers (‘we’ openneuro PET have some budget for this ; applying for more)

Update governance (added by Rémi):

Rémi and Eric met to talk about several things.

  • Ask “Does the Governance website and documentation state how it itself should be amended?”

  • Propose governance for an Advisory Group members’ (lead of merged BEP) commitment:

    • Cannot ask them to commit for life

    • maybe 2 year minimum plus designating a successor, or some such thing

  • Draft email for consent of completed BEP leads for them to be part of the Advisory group or to nominate someone(s) else

Chris Rorden also got in touch with the DICOM working groups recently to bring up similar issues he raised in the last Steering Committee Meeting. (KIM RAY)

Copy of email chain from Chris with DICOM working groups.


Suggestion to add make the decision making rules more visible

Is this a suggestion to make the team more visible or funding, including for example BEP funding like The team, and BEP leaders, as well as funding and who is supported by the funding

Guio: we need to revisit the BIDS funding landing page, and update the figures. Suggested to prioritize these updates during a brain hack?

Stefan: The Maintainers team does not have capacity to redesign the website.

ACTION: Yaroslav will submit a pull request/issue (done: for starters) with table to github to add funding and a link to the contributor/funders page and Stefan will follow up

Task definitions (Cyril): task was specific to fMRI, however it has now been added to PET, and MRI anat, see pull. However it still needs to be implemented in the BIDS validator and examples. See issues below:

Outstanding, but WIP:

BIDS derivatives meeting : next week the first round of invites will be extended, looking for more funding to support travel. Aiming for 20-30 attendees. Currently some people will have some, limited, or no financial support for travel to the meeting.

Considerations: What is the plan for the Program ? Will there be a hybrid option?

Current suggestions (Cyril), have people come with data and complete examples to improve BEPS


GUIO: Suggestion to include a list of Advisory Group members.

Robert: What is the order of amendments to be approved?

Stefan - suggests all amendments to be at once. This has been done before, there is precedence.

Yaroslav: recommends new language to define active & inactive advisory group members.

Chris Rorden also got in touch with the DICOM working groups - its a good idea, however its possibly beyond the expertise of individuals in the steering group and beyond the time constraints of the BIDS steering group.

Alignment with BIDS and DICOM should be encouraged, but time is the obstacle for working with DICOMs. Maybe DICOM working group 16 may be worthwhile to interact with to inform/influence their decision making to align with BIDS.

Can Chris facilitate this with working group 16? Perhaps Yarik can voice steering group issues with guidance from Chris (who is likely most familiar with issues between DICOM and BIDS).

ACTION: email DICOM and present BIDS to them with support form Chris.

DICOM meeting notes -

Cyril: discussed with aperture on submitting data papers (including a logo to indicate the dataset is BIDS compliant). data must be BIDS validated, it must include a sharing statement, if its not on openneuro then there must be a way to ensure it is BIDS validated. Cyril will make progress on this to be approved by aperture.

Ariel: what is the status of BIDS being included in COBIDAS?

Future Guests? None identified yet.

Non-invasive stimulation - making good progress

Two Atlas BEPS