Steering Group minutes 2023/03/02

Date: Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

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Peer Herholtz Guest: Discussing two Atlas BEPs


Present: Robert Oostenveld, Guiomar Niso, Cyril Pernet, Ariel Rokem, Chris Markiewicz (Maintainer guest), Yaroslav Halchenko, Kim Ray (Secretariat)

Guest: Peer Herholtz

Peer Herholtz - Atlas BEPs

September 2022 BIDS Connectivity Project started an Atlas BEP (led by Peer)

Jan 2023 another community started an Atlas BEP (flyxiaye)

Feb 2023 both BEP leads met, Talo Salo was in attendance, to determine how the teams should move forward



How much are atlas BEPs tools or extensions? If they are tools, then perhaps they should be BIDSapps.

Inside the specification - where does the Atlas BEP fit?