Steering Group minutes 2023/04/13

Date: Thursday, April 13th, 2023

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Stefan: Here are three issues that could benefit from steering input (in particular those familiar with ephys experience)

Cyril: (1) in sample is not defined, ie custom column, not sure I follow the why in issue 1441 (2)

Issue 1436 -- yes let’s do that, robert also agreed on that (3) seems like there is a consensus

Remi Gau

Discussed at the maintainers meeting: a PR that "standardizes" contributors info.

This PR does several things: one of them is that it would start adding the list of our contributors (as 'authors') to the zenodo release of the BIDS specification that we get our DOI from.

The problem is that there has not yet been an agreement on how authors/ contributors should be listed in those zenodo releases: see this old issue

[DISCUSSION] acknowledge contributors in DOIed specs on Zenodo · Issue #66 · bids-standard/bids-specification · GitHub

This aspect of the PR can put on hold for now but "we" (the maintainers) felt that it would be good if the steering group took a decision on this old issue (that may actually need rethinking given how much time has passed and that we have had so many new modalities and contributions since it was opened).

bids-specification 1115

bids-specification 66

Discussion with DICOM - where are we at? Discuss next meeting
Discussion with journals - where are we at? (badges for BIDS datasets)

Aperture is fine with this, but they are in the middle of updating their website

Should we push ahead with scientific data? (their staff are familiar with BIDS and may be a good next journal to approach)

OHBM best practice? Cyril: John Pyles has circulated the OHBM BIDS 2 doc - reviewing of the proposal?


Github pull request - bids-specification 1441 and bids-specification 1457

Github pull request: Formalize how channel types are shared between modalities that use channels.tsv files. bids-specification 436

Github pull request: ENH: Array data in .tsv cells - bids-specification 1446

Github pull request: [DISCUSSION] acknowledge contributors in DOIed specs on Zenodo - bids-specification 66

Journals including badges to indicate BIDS compliant dataset:

OHBM best practice committee

Was there a podcast (OHBM Neurosalience) where Peter Bandettini suggested someone talk about BIDS?

Next Meeting Guest:

Cyril: the BIDS retreat is looking for additional funding to increase the support for the meeting. Who should be additionally invited?

MRTRIX team, BIDS connectivity group,