Steering Group minutes 2023/05/04

Date: Thursday, May 4th, 2023

Topic Relevant Links
Discussion with DICOM - where are we at? No new updates, Yaroslav is sending another email reminder . Outstanding PR: bids-specification/pull/1450
OHBM best practice updates?
OHBM Neurosalience podcast opportunity to talk about BIDS
OHBM townhall status; BEP updates
BIDS derivatives meeting
BIDS 2.0 getting the ball rolling? Issues · bids-standard/bids-2-devel · GitHub


Present: Robert Oostenveld, Cyril Pernet, Guiomar Niso, Ariel Rokem, Yaroslav Halchenko, Chris Markiewicz

Guest: Guy Jones (unable to attend, will invite for next meeting)

Discussion with DICOM group

Yaroslav sent a follow up email to the DICOM committees during the previous meeting, we heard a brief email acknowledgment in response but no progress in identifying a committee to meet with.

Yaroslav will send another email reminder.

Related PR link the relevant links: Add explicit wording on DICOM terms correspondence

Yaroslav schema: 2022-tx-big-neuroscience.html

Cyril's dicom2bids in pet: dicom2bids.json

OHBM Best Practices Updates

April 12, John Piles says things are in progress - chairs JB Poline and other co-chair is organizing it.

OHBM Neurosalience Podcast

Peter agreed but we need to find a times for this, and we need to identify who would be the appropriate representative.

Topic Suggestion: discuss what’s new in BIDS and a high-level overview of BIDS.

Related Discussion: BIDS news ( - this could be an additional avenue for sharing BIDS updates

We should use multiple avenues for sharing BIDS updates/news: podcast, website, publication (Russ is working on a ‘history’ of BIDS publication), twitter (let maintains and steering committee each take a month rotations for responsibility).

Suggestion - to make the BIDS landing page more active and include news updates.

OHBM townhall status

BIDS and BEP updates should be reported (used to be Franklin, maintainers can take this role)

Peer Herholtz will have updates on BIDS 'connectivity’ related BEPS

Due to changes in the OS-SIG Scheduling, the typical OHBM BIDS townhall may need to be a bit different than usual.

Franklin used to write the organizers requesting for an hour townhall, the steering committee (Cyril will work on finding a time for a BIDS townhall)

Suggestions: Submit a BIDS proposal for a townhall or symposium for next OHBM. (Kim will add a reminder in November to discuss and plan this.)

BIDS derivatives meeting

Invitations have/are going out. Website is being developed. About 25 attendees.

Cyril would like to send out an email with meeting goals and vision to help with structuring the meeting.

Possible a larger vision for how derivatives will be used

Ask for attendees to bring data examples to help with derivative development.

A current delay for derivatives is developing a validator.

Robert and Ariel: suggest reaching out to people in other fields for future direction for derivatives (how they use their data derivatives - astronomy, and possibly geosciences?)

BIDS 2.0 getting the ball rolling

This needs to happen - What should be included in BIDS 2.0 ?

There are currently many existing updates, can a group of people meet and discuss which points should be prioritized.

Address: what are the technical barriers with BIDS 1 and 1.2 to allow them to coexist, and we need to make sure that BIDS 2.0 will not break previous BIDS.

We need to establish how prior BIDSapps will handle BIDS2 data.