Steering Group minutes 2023/06/15

Date: Thursday, June 15th, 2023

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BIDS meeting with DICOM



Points taken:

Imaging Neuroscience Response regarding BIDS ‘badge’

(see email from Steve Smith)
“Thanks for this - hopefully we all agree that using BIDS is a good idea where practical, and should be encouraged.

The best thing would be for BIDS (committee etc) to encourage authors to be very clear and explicit (eg in Methods text) when BIDS has been used, just as with the many other important aspects of the methodology used in a given paper. At Imaging Neuroscience we would have no problem at all in authors being clear about their use of BIDS. We couldn't have a "front page badge" because that would risk an overwhelming number of similar requests, but I think the important thing is to explicitly mention use of BIDS in the main text.

BIDS impact Update: BIDS grant writing kit
Harmonizing Gdrive folders

BIDS Maintainers GDrive:

BIDS Steering Group GDrive:

BIDS Derivatives Meeting in Copenhagen

Present: Guiomar Niso, Robert Oostenveld, Kim Ray, Yaroslav Halchenko, Cyril Pernet, Taylor Salo

Guest: n/a


DICOM working group 16 meeting:

DICOM is similar to BIDS BEPS where it is organized in working groups.

DICOMworking group 16 works with MRI - they are a good point of contact.

See slides in the agenda for information Yaroslav presented

They recommended to contact working group 6 which may be a more general group for additional meta-data fields

They seem receptive but they are a large working group


Imaging Neuroscience Response from Steve Smith

BIDS Derivatives Meeting in Copenhagen

Is there a virtual option?

Main few talks will be available.


We could have used one of the times that was not being utilized by the OS-SIG. Kimberly Ray will follow up on this with BIDS maintainers and OS-SIG schedule. RIght now we are potentially taking a space that others could have used to discuss research/science.