Steering Group minutes 2023/08/17

Date: Thursday, August 17th, 2023

Topic Relevant Links

Neuro Open Science Prize: CFP ?

Materials for 2023 submission:

BIDS at upcoming INCF training? destiny Russ posted about long time availability. Should we advocate switching or not?
BIDS at the upcoming SfN?


  • DANDI/NWB booth

BIDS 2.0 baby steps
News from the maintainers

Present: Ariel Rokem, Guiomar Niso, Robert Oostenveld, Yarsloav Halchenko, Remi Gau, Kim Ray

Guest: n/a

Templates for letters

BIDS Meeting Notes:

Neuro Open Science Prize

BIDS at upcoming INCF training website

BIDS at the upcoming SfN

Maintainers Updates - Remi