Steering Group minutes 2023/09/07

Date: Thursday, Sept 7th, 2023

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Guest Renzo Huber Discuss BIDS awareness for Aperture Journal

Neuro Open Science Prize: CFP ?

Materials for 2023 submission:

BIDS 2.0 baby steps

Maintainers updates/questions

  • In Montreal there was a brief discussion about a potential 2024 meeting in Seattle (Ariel?) – what’s the status on that?

  • BEP016 proposal → “decision making”, steering group

Present: Robert Oostenveld, Stefan Appelhoff, Kimberly Ray, Ariel Rokem, Yaroslav Halchenko, Cyril Pernet

Guest: Renzo Huber


Special Guest

Renzo: Editor in charge of special initiatives at Aperture

Peter Banditini’s feedback prior to meeting was that implementing BIDS into Aperture makes some sense

Use case example: non-BIDS compliant data types? Could this create a new opportunity for a BIDS extension proposal?

Proposal: including a banner or badge

Discussion: Is this responsibility on the Journal or on the Reviewer? - often times authors claim they have a BIDS compliant dataset that is not actually BIDS

Challenges from Aperture: they can select check boxes, and how to implement on the type setting side of publishing

The type setting side might be more challenging, however this could be something that could be added on the website viewer

Suggestion: could a search function be implemented to look for BIDS compliant papers?

Renzo: this is still in development, they would need to follow up with the scholastica (publisher) to see if this could be supported

Suggestion: BIDS be added as something like a keyword to make it searchable? Or something an editor can mark to make a BIDS compliant paper searchable?

Feedback: a keyword might now be a long term solution, may not be futureproof

Suggestion: include a standardized statement in the manuscript that the paper is BIDS compliant. The statement could then be searchable.

Suggestion: provide a screenshot of the BIDS validator/BIDS certificate and require this at the Journal level.

Renzo: they are in discussion with OpenLibre for sharing code, its possible they could find a similar mechanism for open datasets. They have focused on openness of data, but not yet prioritized the standardization of open data formatting.

Discussion: we should prioritize DOI and permanent storage of code and data so that it is deleted for example when an individual chooses.

Renzo: a data statement with the validator version number may be a feasible solution similar to requirements for data availability statements in papers.

Aperture: BIDS is currently required when supported , however there may be many cases that does not support BIDS

Renzo: We could ask the Reviewers to confirm BIDS. And general data sharing requirement could be added to the Aperture guidelines

Aperture Author Guidelines for Data Submissions

Renzo: he will bring up the option of badges, or tags, and the discussion to Peter B and Mallar C at their next Aperture meeting.

Possible future directions could be similar to Behavior Research Methods


Not many updates to discuss since the last meeting.

Stefan Maintainers

Is the March 2024 Maintainers meeting going to happen?

This has been identified as a priority. We need to identify funding for this.

Kim will create a table of support items that will need to be covered for each meeting while she is away on maternity leave.

Spatial Derivatives

There has not been much feedback since the Copenhagen meeting.

Is it clear what the next steps are for the spatial derivatives and the timeline for this? Yes Cyril will lead this, he will email the team to move forward.

Issue is regarding suffixes - the github discussion may need to be brought to the BEP documentation as well. Will finish this discussion at next meeting if needed.