Steering Group minutes 2023/09/28

Date: Thursday, Sept 28th, 2023

Topic Relevant Links
Continued Discussion from last meeting on Spatial Derivatives?
The Neuro - Irv and Helga Cooper Foundation Open Science Prize submission Done. Thank Ariel for making it happen!
Any Follow up from Renzo Huber at Aperture? KIM will follow up on this.

OHBM Call for Content opened Sept 22nd.

Things to consider:

  • Townhall meeting space request

  • BIDS symposium or other presentations,%2435%20USD%20again%20in%202024 .

  • Cyril to submit a round-table for town-hall meeting

  • Franco and Ariel will be submitting a symposium, more content (a.o., Russ to present along the lines of recent paper)

DUE DATE Nov 17, 2023

Update on NSF POSE conference in Q1 2024
BIDS maintainers meeting in Seattle, April 10th - 12th, 2024
Camille's email BIDS-Prov BEP028 has been closed


Present: Cyril Pernet, Ariel Rokem, Chris Markiewicz, Robert Oostenveld, Guiomar Niso, Yaroslav Halchenko


Meeting Notes:

Kim’s Maternity leave through the end of the year

Remaining 2023 agendas are listed in the steering group

Sign up sheet is [here]{.underline} for assuming Kim’s role in meeting management: Guiomar, Robert and Ariel take turns at the next three meetings. We won’t meet on 21 Dec.

Meeting schedule:

Open science Prize:

OHBM content call:


NSF POSE Q1 2024:

BIDS Maintainers Meeting

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BIDS-Prov BEP028 (Camille’s email Prov)

BIDS Spatial Derivatives

Next Meeting Guest?

More generally: BIDS advisory group (i.e., BEP leads) engagement