Steering Group minutes 2023/10/19

Date: Thursday, October 19th, 2023

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Giacomo Bertazolli lead of BEP037 will join ,

TOSI Prize:

- Who'll be going?

- Any presentation needed?

- Where to transfer the funding?


BIDS maintainers meeting in Seattle, April 11th - 12th, 2024

OHBM Call for Content opened Sept 22nd.

Things to consider:

  • Townhall meeting space request

  • BIDS symposium or other presentations,%2435%20USD%20again%20in%202024 .

  • Cyril to submit a round-table for town-hall meeting

  • Franco and Ariel will be submitting a symposium, more content (a.o., Russ to present along the lines of recent paper)

DUE DATE Nov 17, 2023

BIDS advisory group (i.e., BEP leads) engagement
Steering Group Election and Governance Amendments BIDS governance amendment
Quick one: add ppl to github organization BEO032 team or give @yarikoptic more super-powers: bids-standard/.github/issues/6


Present: Guiomar, Ariel, Robert, (Cyril, Yaroslav)

Guest: Giacomo Bertazzoli, Marta Bortoletto, Vittorio Iacovella

BIDS Meeting Notes:

Next year we should be in time for the [Chan-Zuckerberg funding scheme]{.underline}. It is aimed at software, but we have plenty of that. Now it just closed 2 days ago.

Yarik offered to pick up the prize on 30 Nov. He probably will have to give a talkspeach!

Funds – Ariel (or maybe split to Cyril to have part in America and part in Europe) // other must be spent on salary support for each of the applications (i.e. 25k divided by 5). Is this necessarily or could be transferred to other things? Ariel mentioned that he does not need it, Robert mentions that for him it would be valuable to maintain involvement past his steering group term. Yarik could cover his steering group involvement % but does not have to. Any BIDS maintainer needing funds? I could check if I could “subcontract/consult” them out to those through Dartmouth.

Roundtable (Town Hall) proposal: []{.underline}

Symposium proposal: []{.underline}

Seattle meeting proposed attendee list (PLEASE ADD PEOPLE):



Ross Blair

Anthony Galassi

Remi Gau

Chris Markiewicz

Stefan Appelhof

Christine Rogers

Nell Hardcastle

## Connectivity

Peer Heerholz

Dan Levitas

Franco Pestilli

## PET

Martin Norgaard

Melanie Ganz

## Statsmodels

Alejandro de la Vega, James Kent, Dylan Nielson

## Sundry

Greg Kiar

Satra Ghosh

Russ Poldrack

Yaroslav Halchenko (other steering people?)

Guillaume Flandin (SPM)

## HED

Arno Delorme

Dora Hermes

BEP037 NIBS extension

External guests: Marta Bortoletto, Giacomo Bertazzoli, Vittorio Iacovella

Some delay because Giacomo moved to the USA.

Giacomo suggests to split it into sub-BEPS and first deal with TMS-EEG and later with the others. That is well received by the steering group. Attention to common fields across modalities.

There are specific subgroups (in UK, …) interested in contributing to specific combinations of stimulation and other data.

Budget in Italy, probably easiest to try to allocate it for Stefan or Remi. First part of the budget needs to be spent by March and the next batch in December. [ACTION POINT: Anthony to ask other maintainers.]{.mark}

Ariel comments that the relationship should not be only financial, but also that the BEP team should be trained to take on the maintenance and the next sub-BEPs more onto themselves.