Steering Group minutes 2023/11/30

Date: Thursday, November 30th, 2023

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Welcome new steering group members!
Finalize OHBM submissions -- change again of people, no multiple submissions, Dora/Camille not going
Aperture Neuro further steps , see
Update on TOSI prize funds
BIDS history timeline BIDS history timeline
Website Maybe spend some cash with


Present: Guio, Robert, Cyril, Camille, Ariel, Dora, Ross

Guest: none

BIDS Meeting Notes:

From Renzo Huber email (November 21st):

“I had reported back to the executive time of Aperture about what we had discussed at the BIDS Steering Group meeting.

We have implemented a few of the suggestions that were discussed:

-> The [author guidelines]{.underline} now explicitly state that we recommend people to share their data in BIDS. This needs to be mentioned in the manuscript with the respective BIDS validator version. This is optional, though. If authors share their data without a successful BIDS validation, the reviewers might ask for a justification. But the Journal will not exclude the paper based on this alone.

-> We recommend authors to include BIDS as one of the key-words. This means that manuscripts can be sorted based on this flag. This then also extends to ‘tags’ in URLs: as []{.underline}.

This feature is new for articles that are being typesetter via a Apertures new vendor. Thus, there are no articles with this tag yet.

-> The manuscript submission form has an optional check box asking whether shared data are in BIDS.

-> Aperture Neuro (as part of Schlasica journals) does not have the flexibility of generating our own header fields in PDFs.”


Aperture Neuro followup:

We can use Aperture Neuro as an example: How can journal editors contribute to the BIDS ecosystem? This will give us a good basis for further conversations with other journal editors. See []{.underline}



Maybe reach out to Simon Eickhoff for integration into Human Brain Mapping (Cyril will do that).

Ariel will reply to Renzo to say that we discussed and thank them, and mention we will include this in the documentation for BIDS, and we will point others to this as an example.

Instructions for reviewers? Should we write a document that has a checklist? Or something like that? Run the validator, of course.

BIDS validator can tell users how many files are in the .bidsignore

TOSI funds:


Could use some of the funds to improve the website. At least conceptually. Could use a freelancer? E.g., from upwork?

Need to think about different “persona”: casual users, data users/consumers, content contributors.

In a maintainers meeting Christine mentioned google season of docs as an approach for rewriting/updating documentation. She said the INCF had used them with good success but finding and managing the technical writer can be tricky.


[Timeline for Google Season of Docs 2023]{.underline}


[]{.underline} he is the developer of ReadTheDocs and offers consultancy for 2,500 USD.