Steering Group minutes 2024/01/11

Date: Thursday, January 11th, 2024

Topic Relevant Links
April maintainers meeting in Seattle
BIDS 2.0 next baby steps

Open science prize - how to pass on to community?
- prize
- salary money
How to improve adoption of BIDS?


Present: Dora Hermes, Kimberly Ray, Ariel Rokem, Cyril Pernet, Camille Maumet, Yaroslav Halchenko, Stefan Appelhoff


BIDS Meeting Notes:

April Maintainers Meeting in Seattle: April 11-12, Arial can currently fund travel within the US (NSF funding), the OS Prize can fund non-US travel. They have a meeting space at the E-science institute and can provide space.

Ariel needs: meeting attendees list, meeting agenda,

Stefan to pass on to the maintainers to see if someone is up to making the program/defining attendees list

BIDS 2.0

Github project is established with many ideas but there aren't many 'takers’ on completing the suggested items.

Open Science Prize!

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BIDS Steering Committee Theme for the year: Improve adoption