Steering Group minutes 2024/02/01

Date: Thursday, February 1st, 2024

Topic Relevant Links and to do
April maintainers meeting in Seattle


BIDS steering ways of working, onboarding?

Right now pure catching up, but maybe good idea to have a plan

We got an onboarding folder for maintainers (probably overlap with onboarding steering) in the google drive and a BIDS accounts and onboarding and CONTENT for the whole google drive

-- proof the website and info needs updated :-) lol

OPM BEP proposal ?? seems wrong given test performed -- MEG updates needed

Cyril/Ariel, train the trainers idea as part of outreach
  • Possibly develop software carpentry module

  • Give certifications/badges for different levels of experience

  • Ariel recommended software carpentry as in general pedagogical training

Updates on plan for website

See BIDS Online Presence Working Group: Working Document

To be discussed next time

Cooperation with DICOM standard YOH pointed David Clunie to our DICOMs deficits table , he forwarded to WG-16 to consider at the next meeting. To be discussed next time

OHBM roundtable/town hall plans

OHBM Round table

Cyril to email Chinese and Korean chapters
BIDS 2.0 going forward! To be discussed next time


Present: Cyril Pernet, Kimberly Ray, Ariel Rokem, Camille Maumet, Yaroslav Halchenko, Rémi Gau


BIDS Meeting Notes

April maintainers meeting in Seattle

BIDS steering ways of working

OPM BEP proposal

Train the trainers


At this point, reach out to Christine to see what she needs in order to get her started and going on her part of the presentation, which is the “state of the BIDS” address.