Steering Group minutes 2024/02/22

Date: Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Topic Relevant Links and to do
BEP for dimensionality reduction-based networks Peer Herholz
Avoiding BEP being stuck Issue with Atlas BEP - circulate the idea of revising BEP development - one point missing in those discussions is how to get unstuck if conflict (CP: item voting is my favourite option, we just need the mechanism for it - like we do to elect this group)
Cooperation with DICOM standard YOH pointed David Clunie to our DICOMs deficits table , he forwarded to WG-16 to consider at the next meeting.
Updates on plan for website BIDS Online Presence Working Group: Working Document
BIDS 2.0 going forward!
BEP guidelines updating (Camille & Remi)


Present: Yarik, Kim, Ariel, Cyril, Eric, Christine, Camille

Apologies: Dora

Guest: Peer Herholz

BIDS Meeting Notes

Plan for website

BEP39 for dimensionality reduction-based networks


Stalled BEPS

Should there be a mechanism for addressing conflicts that halt BEP progress?

Suggestion: 1. a voting system similar to how the steering group is elected.

How would we want to implement something like this while addressing concerns of FAIRness?

2. BEP leader determines how to move forward.

3. Could a technical committee make these decisions? (maintainers + steering group) - if there is quorum possibility to vote one way or the other

When do we modify the schema to address new ideas?


BIDS 2.0

BEP guidelines updating